The history-steeped “Karpfen” was built in 1804, and has been in family ownership ever since. The family’s ancestors were large-scale timber traders, and the “Karpfen Inn” evolved from hosting the forest owners.

In 1934, the artist Richard Hemberger suggested to his fatherly friend Karl Sittig, the then landlord of the “Karpfen”, that he should have the history of Eberbach painted on the building’s front façade. He thereupon created a unique artistic achievement using the sgraffito technique, which constitutes a major enrichment for Eberbach’s historic centre.

Over the course of years, the building progressively increased in size after in the 1970s the guesthouse was annexed to the main building and later on connected by a bridge.

In the 1990s, a unique opportunity arose to purchase the directly adjacent little half-timbered house, one of the town’s oldest buildings, formerly a guild headquarters.

Since the “Karpfen” is a historic site, a large part of the main building and of the half-timbered house have listed-building status, which lends them their own distinctive charm.

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